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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Bhajans

  Madhava Murahara Madhava

Madhava Murahara Madhava

Sung by:
Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Download: http://www.sathyasai.org/audio/audioprashanthi/madhava1.MP3


Madhava Murahara Madhura Manohara Hey Giridhara Gopala
Hey Giridhara Gopala
Madhava Murahara Madhura Manohara
 Giridhara Gopala
Hey Giridhara Gopala ... Nanda Kumara Sundarakara
Brindavana Sanchara
Murali Lola Munijanapala
Giridhara Gopala
Hey Giridhara Gopala ... Kaustubha Hara Maukthikadhara
Radha Hrudaya Vihara
Bhakthodhara Bala Gopala
Giridhara Gopala
Hey Giridhara Gopala
Goparipala Gopi Lola Govardhana Giridhara
Nanda Kumara Navanetha Chora Venu Gana Vilola Giridhara Gopala
Hey Giridhara Gopala


Hail Krishna, the cowherd boy who held aloft the mountain; the One who killed the demon Mura; Lord of Lakshmi with a sweet and beautiful form; Son of Nanda with charming form, he moves through Brindavan; Lord who plays the flute and protects the Saints; He wears pearls and the Kaustubha gem, he charms Radha's heart; Sustainer of his devotees, the Child Gopal, protector of the cows; Charmer of the gopis, son of Nanda who held aloft the mountain; Gopal, stealer of butter who bestows estacy with his flute music.

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